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  • Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly having to forge partnerships, mainly due to the rising cost of research and development, the increase in the bargaining power of buyers, more and more restrictive regulations, or the evolution towards an integrated care offer.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform the pharmaceutical industry. Each of the major pharma players is investing in the technology at some level, and there are a growing number of applications that address target and drug discovery, preclinical and clinical development, and postapproval activities.

  • In 2007, medical leaders from across the pharmaceutical industry assembled to develop a common understanding of a ten-year vision for Medical Affairs. With five years now past, it is hardly surprising that significant change has occurred in the world in which the pharmaceutical industry operates, especially given the remarkable economic environment and the continued acceleration of technological change.

  • L’Etat français, seul payeur et régulateur, joue un rôle inédit sur le marché de la santé en cadrant les dépenses de santé, l’offre de soin publique et l’accès des industriels aux professionnels de santé et aux patients sans toutefois avoir la main sur les traitements qui restent l’apanage des laboratoires pharmaceutiques…

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