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  • HR shared service functions now have the credibility, tools and enablers to shape a new destination for their future. There has never been a greater opportunity to reflect on traditional perceptions, operating models, roles and responsibilities. It’s time to move on from HR Shared Services and become People Experience and Solutions Experts Our research consisted of a qualitative data survey, structured interviews with each participant and a review of the existing research on the future of shared services and HR service delivery technology. 
  • Persistent change challenged assumptions, and disruption are now the norm, rather than the exception, in business and society. And these indicators will only accelerate and multiply as we progress into the future. The lightning-speed of change, driven by technology, is taking us from the digital age toward a new reality, one we call the post-digital world.

  • Relentless change is the new normal across organizations large and small. Responding to new technologies; rapidly-evolving competitive pressures; mergers & acquisitions; and leadership turnover often cause complexity, confusion and loss of focus.

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